Although Ward's Lawn-Power Equipment is no longer owned or run by a member of the original Ward family, it has still retained a family-run atmosphere with employees dedicated to quality.

Derek Dixon had been a frequent customer at Ward's and owner of Ultimate Lawn Care and his interests piqued when he heard previous owner Ed Gentes was looking to hand over the keys. Dixon purchased the store in 1998 with the notion that it would serve as a good side hobby as well as a relief system for his growing landscape business. However, after an expansion and relocation in 2005, Derek finds the majority of his time is spent in the store, and it's clear to anyone that he values Ward's just as much as his primary means of income, Ultimate Lawn Care.

Derek has gathered a loyal customer base thanks to his thorough knowledge of the landscaping industry and his generosity in sharing the methods behind his success. Together with his small but experienced and personable staff, Dixon has achieved a favorable balance between providing commercial customers with competitive pricing and the highest quality service and products available while still accommodating the homeowner base that continues to call Ward's home year after year.